About Spotburner

Everything we do revolves around our customers. Your requirements are our priorities.

We decided to make things easy. After producing over 800 commercials, web spots, music videos and broadcast projects, we took our best people and combined them with the latest technology. The result is SPOTBURNER; a digital marketing company dedicated to helping you produce innovative branded content professionally and inexpensively.

We are happy to provide a seamless video production solution for your creative vision and help you execute premium content to message your brand easily and effectively. We distribute your branded video content to specific targeted viewers using multiple outlets and the latest programmatic technology.

With one of the most renowned studios in Burbank California, offices in Westlake Village and on-location capabilities, we have the advantage of a one-stop production and distribution source that is able to deliver content for your approval faster and at a lower cost.

Meet Our Team

Bob Bekian - Spotburner crew
Bob Bekian
Founder & CEO
Lacey Katz - Spotburner crew
Lacey Katz
Director of Operations
Sean Donnelly - Spotburner crew
Sean Donnelly
Digital Marketing Associate
Matt Hickman - Spotburner crew
Matt Hickman
Marketing/Production Assistant
Julie Melgoza - Spotburner crew
Julie Melgoza
Billing/Marketing Assistant
Erik Hengstrum - Spotburner crew
Erik Hengstrum
Business Development
Emma Thompson - Spotburner crew
Emma Thompson
Sales Coordinator
Rose Ouzounian - Spotburner crew
Rose Ouzounian
Studio Manager, Production Coordinator
Mark Fleischmann - Spotburner crew
Mark Fleischmann
Courtney Zito - Spotburner crew
Courtney Zito
Project Manager, Digital Producer
Christy Hughes - Spotburner crew
Christy Hughes
Project Manager, Digital Producer
Wick Irwin - Spotburner crew
Wick Irwin
Jesse Brunt - Spotburner crew
Jesse Brunt
Director, Producer, Aerial Photography
Michelle Peerali - Spotburner crew
Michelle Peerali
Director, Producer
Alex DerHakopian - Spotburner crew
Alex DerHakopian
Director, Producer
Andrew Sachs - Spotburner crew
Andrew Sachs
Director, Producer
Bobby Logan - Spotburner crew
Bobby Logan
Director, Producer
Rodney GUMBO King - Spotburner crew
Rodney GUMBO King
Producer, Sound Engineer
Adolfo Nowak - Spotburner crew
Adolfo Nowak
Technical Director, Director of Photography, Multi Camera
Hoku Uchiyama - Spotburner crew
Hoku Uchiyama
Director Of Photography, Editor
Eduardo Moral - Spotburner crew
Eduardo Moral
Director Of Photography, VFX Graphics Specialist
Cory Arnold - Spotburner crew
Cory Arnold
Director Of Photography
Brad Wilder - Spotburner crew
Brad Wilder
Director Of Photography
Ernesto Joven - Spotburner crew
Ernesto Joven
Director Of Photography
Brian Taylor - Spotburner crew
Brian Taylor
Director Of Photography
Sean Roberts - Spotburner crew
Sean Roberts
Director Of Photography
Eddie Hernandez - Spotburner crew
Eddie Hernandez
Digital Story Producer
Dylan Hansen - Spotburner crew
Dylan Hansen
VFX Graphics Specialist
Sean Hart - Spotburner crew
Sean Hart
VFX Graphics Specialist
Carter Slade - Spotburner crew
Carter Slade
Chris Wonder - Spotburner crew
Chris Wonder
Sean Vanloozen - Spotburner crew
Sean Vanloozen
Randy Wiles - Spotburner crew
Randy Wiles
Shaun Hillman - Spotburner crew
Shaun Hillman
Maurice Sydnor - Spotburner crew
Maurice Sydnor
Sound Engineer
Christian Solis - Spotburner crew
Christian Solis
Sound Engineer
Fred Stuben - Spotburner crew
Fred Stuben
Sound Engineer
Sean Ring - Spotburner crew
Sean Ring
Digital File Manager
Melanie Presson - Spotburner crew
Melanie Presson

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