3 Ways Spotburner Has Helped Our Clients Grow in 2016

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3 Reasons Why Videos Should be Used in Your Marketing Strategy

Los Angeles County – August 2016 ...read more

3 Ways to Improve Your Video Content

Los Angeles County - June 2016 ...read more

Why LinkedIn Advertising May Play a Large Role in the Future of B2B Marketing

LinkedIn launched in 2003 as a business-centered social media platform, and by 2006 they had increased their membership to 20 million individuals.  This focus on strategic and targeted business growth for individuals contributed greatly to the success of the company, allowing it to go public in 2011.  2011 was also the first year that LinkedIn surpassed Twitter in advertising revenue. ...read more

Let Spotburner take your business to the next level.

Is your marketing strategy falling flat? Spotburner will customize a marketing plan specifically for your business, so there is no where to go but up! ...read more

Let Spotburner help you on your marketing journey...

Does your business have a strategic marketing strategy? If not, let Spotburner help to design and implement a targeted marketing plan specifically to your business! ...read more

Let Spotburner help you tell your story...

Content is the future of marketing, and video is the future of content.  Let Spotburner help you tell your story so that you can reach more customers and build your brand. ...read more

Why Video is the Future of Marketing

Today’s world is moving faster and faster.  This has nothing to do with the speed the earth is moving, but rather the way in which our culture is developing.  We are becoming accustomed to having access to any and all information at the click of a button, and we expect to find answers fast.  This is why it is important for businesses to communicate their messages quickly and effectively. ...read more

Every Business Needs a Channel

Most marketing professionals agree that video is the future of content marketing for businesses and customer communication.   Many experts have predicted that in the future every business will have a dedicated video channel.  This channel will be used for communicating their message with their customers, employees and anyone else searching for relevant content related to that business.  The next thought may be, how many videos are enough and what content is most valuable? This depends entirely on your business and what you need to communicate with your customers.  Regardless of the business you are in however, nearly every company or brand can benefit greatly from a library of video content gathered together in a dedicated channel. ...read more

Taking the Mystery Out of Digital Marketing

Just as business owners are finally beginning to understand marketing and its importance, an entirely new marketing concept has begun to take hold and is steadily growing in relevance and importance.  This new concept is digital marketing.  Although traditional marketing strategies such as work of mouth, print, signage and others are still relevant, digital marketing is an entirely new way to reach your target audience with engaging and important content.  ...read more

Why Spotburner?

So you may have read some of our previous articles and now you’re thinking, you’re right… I do see the benefits of marketing through video.  You may have also developed a marketing strategy, defined your brand and audience, and now you’re ready to move on to the next step.  The question now is, why Spotburner? ...read more

How to Answer the Tough Questions Your Customers are Asking

How to Answer the Tough Questions Your Customers are Asking ...read more

Marketing vs Advertising

Recently I have heard the terms “marketing” and “advertising” used interchangeably.  Although sometimes both words are correct in a situation, marketing and advertising have two very different significances when it comes to promoting a business.  Simply put, advertising is only one component of a marketing strategy as a whole. ...read more

4 Steps to Start Marketing Your Business Effectively

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand the one you currently have, marketing is an important part of any company.  Marketing is how you make sure your potential customers are exposed to your brand and it defines the way they perceive you.  By having control of your marketing, you can influence these customers to see your brand in a certain way.  Marketing your brand is also important because you are able to feature specific assets of your business and ensure that your customers remain loyal and engaged. ...read more

4 Steps to Produce a Commercial for Your Brand

According to a study preformed by the Nielsen Company, a leading global marketing research firm, the average child watches 20,000 - 30 second commercials each year.  This means that by the time that child is 65 years old, they will have seen more than 2 million commercials in their lifetime.  As a business owner or marketing professional, it is important to know how to set your brand apart from all of the other content your customer is exposed to.  One of the best ways to do this is by producing targeted, strategic, memorable and branded video content and putting it on TV to your specific audience to see. ...read more

What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? I recently asked this question to a non-marketing professional.  The answer: “..any marketing you get on a computer, iPad or phone.”  Although this is not incorrect, there are dozens of outlets in which marketers distribute digital marketing and hundreds of ways to do it.  Many digital marketing strategies are so subtle that consumers don’t even realize they are being marketed to (think SEO).  So what is digital marketing?  Maybe the real question is why is digital marketing important to a business owner, a brand, or a company, and how will it shape the future of customer engagement and ROI? ...read more

5 Ways to Engage Your Customers Through Video

Over the past 20 years marketing has changed and become more important than ever for businesses.  It’s no longer the standard to assume a customer will come back simply because they had a good experience.  Even with amazing quality and service, it is still important to engage with your customers during and in between visits.  Video is quickly becoming the future of marketing and one of the best ways to stay engaged with your customers so that you can stay relevant and compelling and increase their return rate. ...read more

1 Video: 7 Ways to Use It

“Video is the future of content marketing.” This statement is only a year old and holds even truer as time continues.  As we are bombarded by content given to us on multiple platforms, we expect to receive and absorb more information in less time.  There is no better way to do this effectively than through video; short, compelling and concise content. ...read more

What is Digital Pre-Roll?

When you begin to discuss advertising your business for the first time you are faced with a million different options.  The first step in this process is to determine whether your business will benefit most from print or digital advertising.  Many companies nowadays are beginning to see the value in digital advertising.  It often results in a higher ROI and is more engaging and targeted to potential customers.   ...read more

5 Ways to Grow Your Business

5 Ways To Grow Your Business