4 Steps to Start Marketing Your Business Effectively

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand the one you currently have, marketing is an important part of any company.  Marketing is how you make sure your potential customers are exposed to your brand and it defines the way they perceive you.  By having control of your marketing, you can influence these customers to see your brand in a certain way.  Marketing your brand is also important because you are able to feature specific assets of your business and ensure that your customers remain loyal and engaged.

Here are 4 Steps to Begin Marketing Your Business Effectively:

Define Your Target Audience 

The first and most important step in any marketing strategy is to define your target audience.  If you don’t know who you are selling to, it is almost impossible to successfully market your product or service.  For example, if the majority of people who use your brand or service are single women in their 30’s, that is who you should be speaking to.  You should learn their interests and define what speaks to them so that you can utilize this information to your advantage.


Develop a Marketing Strategy

Once you have determined your target audience, you can begin to develop a marketing strategy.  This means that you need a plan.  You need to define your business apart from your services. For example, you probably know that Honda makes cars, just like a number of other manufacturers.  However, what else do you think about when you think about Honda? Their reliability? If so, this is because they have focused their marketing strategy on featuring how reliable and affordable their vehicles are, so that their potential customers have something specific to relate their vehicles to.   This is a great strategy for any business, don’t simply focus on marketing your product or service, think about how you want that product or service to be perceived.


Put Someone in Charge

In the workplace sharing a project equally only works for very specific projects. Marketing is not one of them.  It is important to have one person in your company dedicated to working with your marketing agency who knows what your company is doing and can monitor the ROI (Return on Investment) provided by the agency.  This representative will need support from surrounding departments so that they know what products to represent, what is happening within the organization, and any other relevant information that can be utilized in his or her marketing efforts.  This person will also be responsible for being aware the company’s return on investment presented to them for each marketing effort.  For example, if the business decides to invest in a campaign that involves sending mailers to the houses of their potential consumers, this piece of collateral needs to have a strong call to action so that the head of marketing can track the specific results of this campaign and to know whether to repeat it again in the future.  If you do not have a marketing professional in your company, a great option is to hire a marketing agency who can implement and track all of these processes for you.


Start from the Beginning

Many small businesses make the mistake of either implementing too many marketing strategies at one time, or not running a campaign for a sufficient amount of time.  By doing this, the company is unable to put their full attention into any one strategy and it is much more likely for all of the strategies to fail.  After the target audience is defined, it is important to begin to brand your business.  This means that you need a clear and consistent logo, colors, fonts and images for all of your marketing materials.  If your business card has a different logo than your website, your brand recognition will be much weaker.  Once your business has a defined image, you can begin to distribute that image in a number of ways.  The first is print, meaning business cards, signage and printed collateral.  In today’s marketing world you also need to start with a strong updated website, because even if you have a business card, many consumers believe that if you do not exist online, you do not exist in person.  These steps all work together to create a cohesive brand image for your business and help you stand out as a strong professional in your industry. 

Once you have all of these strategies developed, you can begin other marketing strategies.  One of our favorites at Spotburner is video marketing.  Video is one of the best ways to tell your company's story and show that to your potential customers.  There are a number of different benefits to using video for your business and you can read about them HERE.

Marketing is different to every business owner, however it is important to each one.  By having a clear and defined marketing strategy, a company can grow its business while maintaining an image and reputation of trust and loyalty with its customers.    


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