5 Ways to Engage Your Customers Through Video

Over the past 20 years marketing has changed and become more important than ever for businesses.  It’s no longer the standard to assume a customer will come back simply because they had a good experience.  Even with amazing quality and service, it is still important to engage with your customers during and in between visits.  Video is quickly becoming the future of marketing and one of the best ways to stay engaged with your customers so that you can stay relevant and compelling and increase their return rate.

             Here are 5 ways to use video to stay relevant and engaged with your customers:

Share Why You’re the Best at What You Do

            A compelling two minute “About Us” video is a great way paint your business in it’s best light.  Videos are a great way to visually show your customers what you can do by putting your best work on display and explaining your qualifications.  By having an engaging video on your website, you are 65% more likely to convert visitors to customers.  Not only is an “About Us” video great for displaying your strengths to your existing customers, it’s also a great way to interact with referrals and those looking for a new resource.

Overcome Objections

            If you’re a business owner or a marketing professional, think about some of your recent interactions with your new customers.  Is there a question or concern that comes up quite frequently?  These are called objections and it is important to identify them and have a strategy for overcoming them quickly and consistently.  For example, a local solar company receives many questions and customer apprehension regarding re-roofing.  To combat this, they had a simple, easy to understand video created explaining why and how a house would need to be re-roofed in order to install solar.  This video has a number of positive benefits for the solar company, including showing their customers their expertise, increasing their website’s search engine ranking (SEO) and helping their salespeople to overcome this objective and achieve consistency. 

Brand Consistency

           In this current marketplace, consumers are bombarded with conflicting messages on a daily basis.  Think about a brand you are familiar with, what stands out? Nike: Just do it – Does this sound familiar?  Successful brand marketing is all about the consistency of your message and identity as a company.  By having a series of premium branded videos, you are showing your customer consistency.  If your logo and message appears repeatedly, your brand has a consistent spokesperson and your imaging is relevant and engaging, your customer is more likely to be loyal and refer your services. 

Brand consistency through video is also extremely beneficial for sales purposes.  If your company has 5 salespeople and they are all sharing different messages about your brand, you aren’t creating brand integrity.  However, if your salespeople are all sharing the same message in the same way, your customers will be more inclined to trust your brand.

Highlight Specific Services

            Let’s say you own a small chain of salons and have a very loyal client base.   If this salon offers both hair and nail services, it’s more than possible that 80% of these clients get their hair done at your salon and go elsewhere to get their nails done if you’re not properly marketing your services. Due to poor marketing you could be losing a great deal of business if these clients don’t know that you even offer nail services.  By creating a series of engaging videos, you can highlight each of your individual services to your customers to ensure that they utilize all of the services you offer.

Promote a Sale or Special

            Most people have seen commercials advertising 4th of July specials at a local car dealership or Memorial Day savings at your local department store.  There is a reason these businesses continue to advertise in this way.  It works!!  Not only does it create brand awareness, it helps you gain customer traffic on otherwise slow times.  I recently spoke with a client who owns an automotive repair shop.  He told me that every year the month around Christmas his shop is extremely slow because everyone is spending all of their extra money buying gifts and neglecting winter maintenance for their vehicles.  For him, this is the perfect time to run a “Winter” special.  Last year he ran a special that gave his customers a certain percent off when preparing their cars for the cold winter and his business actually increased for the month.  Specials are a great way to increase customer traffic as long as they are specific to the area, time of year and the business.

At Spotburner, we help you to optimize your video marketing plan specific to your business requirements.  It is important to be strategic when creating video to engage your customers.  The content must be compelling and relevant to your customer’s requirements.  By targeting your business and brand marketing, you can be more confident that your customers will remain loyal, engaged and informed about your business.  Let us help you develop a plan to engage your current customers while increasing your profits, brand awareness and customer retention!


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