5 Ways to Grow Your Business

Step 1: Explain Your Brand Through Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a 30 second video is worth.  By investing in a professional quality video, you are able to share your message in 7 different ways.  You can reach your audience in places such as TV, online and even on your own website.   This allows your customers to understand you and your brand before they even walk through the door.

Step 2: Show Your Customers You’re the Best at What You Do

Having a strong, updated and easy to understand web presence allows potential customers to be reached easily and effectively.  Testimonials, product explanation videos and a list of services help your potential clients to understand why you’re the right choice.  By having a high quality video for your brand, you set yourself as a leader in your industry.  By featuring your strengths and explaining why you are the best at what you do, your customers can feel confident that you are the right choice.

Step 3: Be Engaging on Social Media

By having a strong and consistent social media presence, you are able to show your current and future customers that you are engaged and knowledgeable in your industry. Being consistent with your business’ social media is one of the strongest ways to reach your audience regularly.   As a business owner it is important to understand that not all social media is right for you.  (Check out these stats)  For example, a roofer probably does not need a twitter account, because most twitter followers are not in the correct demographic and are not interested in 160 characters about roofing, however they could definitely benefit from a well managed Facebook account with postings of related videos, articles and current projects!

Step 4: Market to the RIGHT people

There are many ways to reach a large audience, however few are as targeted as video pre-roll.  When you go online to watch the latest “trending” video and the site requires you to watch a 30 second advertisement first, this is video pre-roll.  This has been targeted specifically to you based on your demographic, behavioral and geographic information as well as what you have recently searched for.  Marketing to the RIGHT audience is critical, because if only half of the people hearing your message would be able to use your product, you could potentially be wasting half of your advertising budget.  By focusing on marketing to your potential customers specifically, you capture greatest number of relevant potential customers from step one. 

Step 5: Be Consistent in Your Marketing

Did you know that on average it takes 90 days to begin to see a ROI (Return on Investment) for you new marketing strategy?  This is why it is important to be consistent.  Once you have reached your customer 10-15 times, your brand becomes recognizable.  Once your brand is recognizable in your industry, your potential customers will feel more comfortable making a decision to purchase your product or service.  

5 Ways To Grow Your Business