Every Business Needs a Channel

Most marketing professionals agree that video is the future of content marketing for businesses and customer communication.   Many experts have predicted that in the future every business will have a dedicated video channel.  This channel will be used for communicating their message with their customers, employees and anyone else searching for relevant content related to that business.  The next thought may be, how many videos are enough and what content is most valuable? This depends entirely on your business and what you need to communicate with your customers.  Regardless of the business you are in however, nearly every company or brand can benefit greatly from a library of video content gathered together in a dedicated channel.

There are a number of options for having a channel specifically for your business.  The first is to have all of your videos hosted on your website.  Regardless of any other options, this should always be the first step when building a library of video content for your business.  By having quality videos on your website, not only does your site rank higher in Google’s search rankings, it also sets your business apart in your industry.  Whether these are videos about your products and services, training videos, informational videos or even simple, funny engaging videos; your website will instantly be set apart from any competition because of the ability it has to interact with your customers.


Another option to create a channel for you business is through YouTube.  YouTube is a great platform to host videos specifically for your business.  Some of the great qualities of YouTube are:

It’s Free

Because YouTube is a free platform to host your videos, it is a simple and engaging way to compile all of them in the same place.

Custom Profile

YouTube allows each user to create a custom profile.  This means that you can share your website and company information with anyone who is searching for, watching and engaging with your videos. 


One of the greatest features of YouTube is that all of the content is searchable, both on YouTube’s platform as well as Google.  This “searchability” is seamless because Google owns YouTube and uses its information as part of its searches.  This means that if you have a high quality video titled “Solar Financing” and people are researching options for financing a solar system, your company and your video are going to rank higher in search results.

Gain “Followers”

Anyone searching for and watching videos on YouTube has the option to engage with those videos through “liking” them, commenting on them, or following the channel.  For a business owner, this means that if you are actively posting engaging and relevant videos to your channel, people will want to “follow” your channel to stay up-to-date with everything you are posting.


A third option to host your videos is through Vimeo.  Vimeo is a great online platform to host your videos for free.  It has a very “engageble” platform, meaning that it has even more engagement tools than YouTube.  Vimeo is often considered the “trendier” competition of YouTube and is known for hosting more creative content, ad free. 


Every business needs to communicate the features and benefits of its products and services with its customers and potential customers.  There are few better ways to do so than through high-quality videos.  By creating and sharing this content, it because much simpler for a brand to share its message and communicate with its customers why they are the best at what they do.  By staying relevant, not only are you showing your customers that you understand modern communication, you are also showing them that you are at the “top of your game” in your particular field.  Companies such as Spotburner are able to offer a full range of services that help you to develop content specific to your business, produce your videos and organize them into a channel specifically for your business.  

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