How to Answer the Tough Questions Your Customers are Asking

How to Answer the Tough Questions Your Customers are Asking


No matter what type of business you are in, you are almost certainly constantly bombarded by questions that your customers ask that are difficult, complicated or too confusing to answer simply.  If you are a business owner or marketing professional you have probably developed a scripted answer for these questions to make the answering process simpler.  The question remains, do you know how your employees are responding to these questions? In business, especially in building a brand it is important to have consistency in your message.  If you are not consistent with how you promote your business and answer the tough questions, you are likely to hurt your reputation as a company.


Some tips to developing answers to these questions are…

Be honest

Don’t over promise

Admit when you don’t know (Always offer to help find the answer though!)

Don’t use complicated industry language or abbreviations

Keep your answer as simple as possible


It is very important to be consistent when overcoming customer objections in business.  A very good way to do this is through video.  For example, we are producing a video for a local solar company to help them explain their financing options. Potential customers frequently ask them what their options are for acquiring solar and it is important for them to remain consistent with their answers while being both thorough and helpful with their answers.  They chose to overcome this objection through video. 


Consistency is one of the most important things when building a brand as well.  It is shown through your logo, brand colors, fonts, collateral and even the words you use.  This is why it is important for a staff to be well trained, whether it is a team of 2 or a team of 200.  If your staff does not know the message that you are trying to portray and does not know how to represent your brand, your brand’s consistency will suffer.  You can achieve this through the use of video, especially when salespeople are required to answer the tough questions your customers are asking.  One is through the use of training videos, to make sure that training is consistent and the other is through the use of branded customer videos. 


Branded customer videos are an excellent way to be consistent and answer tough questions for multiple reasons:

-Customers may find them organically through your website

            This means that if a customer is doing research on multiple companies that provide your services, you are perceived as an expert in your field and had the opportunity to answer their questions before your competitors could.

-Your sales team can show them to your customers

            When your salesperson is asked a difficult question, instead of searching for the right answer they can lead the customer to a high quality, branded video that says exactly what you want your customer to hear.

-There are 7 different ways to use these videos 

            These videos can be distributed a number of different ways, all with the intent of helping you grow your business and get more customers.


The most important thing to remember when answering the tough questions your customers are asking is to be consistent, and one of the best ways to be consistent is through branded video content.  Also, as part of any marketing strategy it is important to have pre-determined words and phrases that you use for your company.  Make sure that your team is trained in how you want your brand to be perceived, so that all of your customers receive the same answer.  Lastly, don’t skirt around the tough questions! Be up front about what you know and what you don’t.  If you are a business owner, chances are you have a specialty.  Make sure your customers know that you are the best at what you do and don’t try to be something you’re not. 



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