Marketing vs Advertising

Recently I have heard the terms “marketing” and “advertising” used interchangeably.  Although sometimes both words are correct in a situation, marketing and advertising have two very different significances when it comes to promoting a business.  Simply put, advertising is only one component of a marketing strategy as a whole.

Marketing is essential for any business, from the small shop down the street to the largest of international organizations.  Marketing is how you position your company and your brand in the eyes of your customers.  A good marketing strategy encompasses everything from brand colors, logos, websites, print collateral, the words you use AND advertising.  Marketing is extremely important because a good marketing strategy helps you to achieve consistency, brand loyalty and brand awareness. 

Marketing begins with knowing your target audience, if you don’t know who your ideal client is, then you won’t know how to promote your brand.  Once you have defined your audience, it is important to research how that audience thinks and what engages them.  Only once you know how your audience thinks can you begin to speak to them.  When you speak to your ideal audience through the voice of your company, this is marketing.  Marketing is essentially language and this language is different to every business.

Advertising is not possible without a comprehensive and thought out marketing strategy.  Advertising is how you promote a particular product or service, and it is nearly impossible to do this if your brand does not have a clear and defined image.  Advertising utilizes the language of your particular business and speaks to your audience about a particular product or service that you are promoting.  Specifically, this is the method you use to reach out to your clients and tell them why they need what you are selling.

Some examples of advertising are:
Television Commercials
Digital Ads
Radio Commercials
Magazine Ads

There are a number of different companies that provide marketing or advertising resources, however it is often optimal for a business to work with a company that provides both marketing and advertising services.  By having a dedicated agency that provides both services, they are able to help you both build AND promote your brand, which leads to greater consistency and helps you to build loyal brand advocates for your products.  Brand advocates are customers who are so loyal to your product or service that they promote your brand for you, at no cost to you.  This is essential to any successful brand because regardless of how successful an advertising campaign is, word of mouth will always be the best way to build a strong brand and customer loyalty.  

Advertising is a type of marketing, however marketing is not necessarily advertising.  It is important to understand both when promoting a brand or a business.  Without a clearly defined strategy, it becomes difficult for a brand to establish a consistent message.  This consistent message is what helps a brand to reach a wider audience and maintain their customer base.  When you have a marketing strategy developed and are looking to promote a particular product or service, advertising may be a great option for you.  For any questions, feel free to call us at any time! 

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