What is Digital Pre-Roll?

When you begin to discuss advertising your business for the first time you are faced with a million different options.  The first step in this process is to determine whether your business will benefit most from print or digital advertising.  Many companies nowadays are beginning to see the value in digital advertising.  It often results in a higher ROI and is more engaging and targeted to potential customers. 

Once you begin to look further into digital advertising, you will be faced with a number paths to choose from.  From cable or broadcast commercials to pay-per-click ads and digital pre-roll, each has its own unique benefits and strategy depending on your goal as a business owner or marketing professional.  Most people understand what cable and broadcast commercials are and even pay-per-click advertising has been one of the easer to understand digital advertising options in the last few years.  Digital pre-roll however may be your best option, so it is very important to understand what it is and who may benefit from it. 


A pre-roll video is a 10-30 second engaging video that plays before the content the viewer is trying to see.  For example, you search for a YouTube video “How to Tie a Tie”.  Before you are able to watch your video however, YouTube requires that you watch a short video about a business or product.  This short video is a digital pre-roll ad.  The amazing thing about these pre-roll ads is that they are targeted to your ideal client based on your geographic, behavioral and demographic requirements using reverse IP technology.  This means that if you are using this type of advertising and your ideal client is a 30-50 year old woman who is passionate about fitness, these are the only people seeing your ads.  These ads are optimized for both web and mobile viewing, so your target audience will see them wherever they are.

There are two different types of digital pre-roll.  The first is standard pre-roll, which was originally the only option in pre-roll advertising.  This is the kind where you watch the video, hear about the product or service and then get to watch “How to Tie a Tie”.  Although this type of pre-roll is exceptionally effective, recently interactive pre-roll has been introduced into the market with an even better ROI due to its interactive element. 


There are 6 different types of interactive pre-roll.  The interactive element of this advertising increases your ROI because you can lead the viewer to a specific landing page or share additional information apart from what the video is displaying.  For example, in the “Rollover to Expand” option, the viewer can hover the mouse over the video to see more information, and if they are interested they can click and be led to a page specific to that ad.  By further engaging with your potential customers, you are creating more brand recognition and loyalty while converting leads to customers.


To sum things up, pre-roll is highly effective when you can identify your ideal client and need a way to reach them.  With so many options, you can be sure that we can help you find one that will be highly effective for your brand based on your specific requirements.  One of the benefits of using an agency like Spotburner is that we are able to not only create the engaging video content, we also have the resources to identify your target audience and distribute your content.  As a “one stop shop” we are able to consolidate and streamline the process with a guaranteed turnaround time and analytics so that you can see how your content is preforming with a measureable ROI


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