Why Spotburner?

So you may have read some of our previous articles and now you’re thinking, you’re right… I do see the benefits of marketing through video.  You may have also developed a marketing strategy, defined your brand and audience, and now you’re ready to move on to the next step.  The question now is, why Spotburner?


You have dozens, maybe even hundreds of options when choosing a company to provide you services that you can’t provide in-house.  For example, how did you choose your accountant? Your favorite salon? Or your auto repair shop?  You probably looked around, read reviews, asked your friends and looked at examples of their work.  That’s the beauty of this modern digital age.  All of this can be done without even leaving the home.  Now is the time to check us out, look at samples of our work, call and ask us some tough questions and see why we are the right fit for the next step in your business marketing strategy. 


To understand why Spotburner is the best, you must first know a brief backstory.  This backstory begins with Loyal Studios.  Loyal Studios is our studio in Burbank, CA.  The president of the studio, Bob Bekian had been involved in the production world for a number of years when he opened Loyal Studios back in 2007.  Since that time, he has seen an excessive amount of time and resources wasted as businesses have used the studio to produce spots to promote their brands.  For example, a PR company would rent out the studio for a client.  Then they would count on the studio to provide the crew, they would focus on talent and concept while their marketing arm would focus on the messaging.  By the time the client arrived for the shoot day dozens of people would have been working on the project without one clear leader or direction.  This led to excess staff, lack of organization and the client’s inability to be involved in their own project because no one was able to keep them up to date during production.  After the spot was completed, the PR company would contact yet another organization to distribute this spot via cable, internet or a number of other methods.  In the end a countless number of people had been involved, each of them had been paid separately and the client was fortunate if the messaging was clear and consistent with the brand. 


After seeing this process happen time and time again, Bob created Spotburner.  He began Spotburner as a solution to this disjoined process, so that we could streamline the entire marketing, production and distribution processes.  Here are just a few of the things that set Spotburner apart.


Production, Marketing and Distribution Experience

The team at Spotburner has experience in all three of these fields, so that we are able to be your one stop shop when creating premium branded video content.  Your video and project will stay on message throughout the entire creative, production, post-production and distribution processes so that it is at its most effective and you can see the greatest ROI.


Streamlined Processes

Each client working with Spotburner has a dedicated project manager.  This means that they have one primary contact that knows what is happening with their project, no matter the stage it is in.  We make sure that your project remains clear well organized, with a very efficient team.  Simply, this means that if you are working with Spotburner you are not paying for processes or people that you don’t need.


Turnaround Time

At Spotburner, we are known for our quick turnaround time.  Because of our streamlined processes, with your approvals we can have a spot finalized, from creative to production and completion in 2 weeks or less, guaranteed.  This is unparalleled in our industry. 



With our long production history, we have hundreds of contacts.  This means that we use the right people for each job.  Crews change depending on the client and subject matter, so that each is working within their specialty and the client ends up with the highest quality video.  We also use the most advanced equipment in the industry, from shooting in 4K to our state-of-the are in-studio post-production bay. 


If you are shopping around for marketing support or video production, Spotburner is your one stop shop.  With our competitive prices and high standards, you will end up with the greatest quality video for your business.  If you still have questions, check out our videos page or schedule a call.  We’ll help steer you in the right direction


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