Why Video is the Future of Marketing

Today’s world is moving faster and faster.  This has nothing to do with the speed the earth is moving, but rather the way in which our culture is developing.  We are becoming accustomed to having access to any and all information at the click of a button, and we expect to find answers fast.  This is why it is important for businesses to communicate their messages quickly and effectively.

Content (for marketing purposes) has always existed in one way or another, from the garage sale signs you posted as a kid, the commercials you watch on TV or the billboards you see as you drive down the freeway.  Content has evolved from words, to pictures and has now moved on to video.  I am not just referring to commercials, you must also think about the videos you are exposed to on a daily basis.  For example, the instructional video you watched to install a set of shelves, the video playing in the waiting room of a dentist’s office, or the video that played before you were able to read an online article in the LA Times.  Video is everywhere, it is engaging and it is relevant.  Make sure that when it comes to your business, you are staying ahead of the times and know the ways that video can benefit you!


It is FAST

Video is the fastest way to learn new information.  One of the greatest things about watching an informative video is that you can both see it AND hear it.  This may seem obvious, however it is exceptionally important because people only remember  30% of what they see and 20% of what they hear, however they remember an astounding 70% of what they see AND hear!


A great video can elicit an emotional response from a viewer, which means that they are more likely to remember what they have watched.  This is especially relevant in marketing because positive brand awareness and recognition is everything.  For example, studies have shown that having a video embedded in an email leads to a 6 times better click through rate to the advertiser’s website.


Today almost everyone  in our market is carrying around some type of electronic device designed to make video content easily accessible.  Paper marketing materials so often are lost or thrown away, while videos are always available and shareable no matter the distance, location or availability. 

It is important to remember to speak to your consumers no matter who they are or what stage they are at in life.  Almost any target audience can be engaged with compelling and useful video content and this content can be shared with them no matter where they are or what they are doing.  Video is the future of marketing, so make sure that your business stays up to date and engaging by giving Spotburner a call and finding out what the next step is in your marketing plan.  

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