Loyal Studios

Spotburner was created from Loyal Studios, a high-tech video production studio in Burbank, CA. After owner and founder, Bob Bekian watched hundreds of clients come through his studios, he saw a need for a more streamlined production company. That is how Spotburner was born.

Spotburner utilizes long-standing resources from over a decade of studio production to leverage the best quality teams and creative for its clients, whether that involves producing a project in the field or at our studio.

Benefits of Studio Production

There are many benefits to producing a video in a professional studio. A studio environment is controlled, and Loyal Studios specifically is pre-lit and sound rated, meaning that the time needed to light and prepare the room for audio is much less than if the video is produced in an outside location.
When a production day is able to be more tightly controlled, the team can typically gather more footage than on location, saving the client time and money.

What is Green Screen Video Production?

In today’s world of digital video, using a green screen background allows a video producer the capability of replacing the green background with any digital image . The process is done either in real-time (known as a “live-key”) or in post production using special equipment. Spotburner is an expert at using green screen technology and owns several pre-lit green screen studios, which include all of the technology needed to produce high quality production.
By using a green screen background, our visual effects specialists can also create a custom room or background exactly as needed, often at a fraction of the cost of creating an actual set. Spotburner has many examples of how we have helped our clients create a realistic visual sequence using green screen technology.

What is White Cyc Video Production?

A cyclorama is a background used by videographers and photographers to create an “infinite” background behind the subject. The white “cyc” as it is routinely called, allows the viewer to focus on the subject and not be distracted by any type of background imagery.  Spotburner owns several white cyc studios and has produced many professional commercials and videos using a White Cyc. If you want to produce a clean looking video that focuses on the subject, let Spotburner help you make it happen with our white cyc studios, the best equipment and expert crews.