Last year one of our client’s, Amgen, asked us to put together a proposal to work on an instructional video production for a new device that was set to release this year. As most companies would be, we were looking forward to working on such an interesting video project! After a few successful meetings, we
As the need for video content increases, the production process is taking place everywhere. From highly-financed professional productions to low-budget user generated content, Video has become the proven method to tell stories in a cluttered online world. The typical method for producing a video has been to create the project using multiple resources such as
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Los Angeles County – August 2016 By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner We are all overwhelmed with the amount of advertising messages we are exposed to every day. From digital pop-up Ads to Billboards, some researchers have published that we are exposed to up to 1000 brand messages per day. So the question becomes, “How do
Los Angeles County – June 2016 By: Bob Bekian Video content production seems to be everywhere with thousands of videos posted daily on YouTube. If your Video is not raw content, and you are trying to achieve a decent production value, there are three very basic areas of focus that can help your Video production stand
Today’s world is moving faster and faster.  This has nothing to do with the speed the earth is moving, but rather the way in which our culture is developing.  We are becoming accustomed to having access to any and all information at the click of a button, and we expect to find answers fast.  This

Every Business Needs a Channel

Most marketing professionals agree that video is the future of content marketing for businesses and customer communication.   Many experts have predicted that in the future every business will have a dedicated video channel.  This channel will be used for communicating their message with their customers, employees and anyone else searching for relevant content related to

Why Spotburner?

So you may have read some of our previous articles and now you’re thinking, you’re right… I do see the benefits of marketing through video.  You may have also developed a marketing strategy, defined your brand and audience, and now you’re ready to move on to the next step.  The question now is, why Spotburner?
According to a study preformed by the Nielsen Company, a leading global marketing research firm, the average child watches 20,000 – 30 second commercials each year.  This means that by the time that child is 65 years old, they will have seen more than 2 million commercials in their lifetime.  As a business owner or marketing
Over the past 20 years marketing has changed and become more important than ever for businesses.  It’s no longer the standard to assume a customer will come back simply because they had a good experience.  Even with amazing quality and service, it is still important to engage with your customers during and in between visits. 

1 Video: 7 Ways to Use It

“Video is the future of content marketing.” This statement is only a year old and holds even truer as time continues.  As we are bombarded by content given to us on multiple platforms, we expect to receive and absorb more information in less time.  There is no better way to do this effectively than through