Live-Streaming Video

Share Your Content in Real Time

Live-Streaming Video

Spotburner can help you share your content in real time by using the latest in live streaming technology.

What is Live Streaming?

Live-Streaming Video refers to online streaming of video simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time to the viewer. It is also referred to simply as “Streaming”. Spotburner has invested heavily in the technology to live-stream video, including high speed fiber optics in our studios. Spotburner has the ability to stream live video content from our studios or at our clients locations, which can be very effective to communicate messaging from a corporate headquarter location or a live event.

Spotburner also works with the pharma industry, helping companies and their agencies to communicate with patients in real time, offering a Q&A format with doctors answering call-in questions.

Spotburner can help you live-stream an event, discussion, meeting or any other project that calls for a live online  broadcast.

Spotburner recently produced a live-streaming video for a fundraising event for the band The Aquabats, which raised $700K in 3 hours on a Facebook Livestream from our Burbank studio