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Virtual Reality

Spotburner produces the highest level of virtual reality video for your project. We work with some of the most talented producers and artists who will turn your vision into a (virtual) reality!

Spotburner’s core heritage is in video production, therefore VR & 360 video naturally embeds itself into our corporate DNA.

VR & 360 video is one of the most impressive content formats for user engagement. It transports viewers to the center of your narrative, giving users a highly immersive experience of a real-world environment. With major platforms like YouTube and Facebook supporting the format, your VR content has great potential to successfully reach your audience.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience that takes place within a simulated environment. Spotburner produces Virtual Reality content through our partnerships with some of the top VR labs. In addition to the entertainment and gaming space, this technology is being used to immerse people in environments for training videos, which can improve cognitive learning.

In the healthcare industry, Virtual Reality is also being used as a sales learning tool by creating virtual experiences to show how medicines can work in the body to fight disease.

Spotburner is fully equipped to produce Virtual Reality video content in our specialized pre-lit studios with access to the best equipment. Businesses are adopting VR as a way to reduce training costs and improve training effectiveness. Let the Spotburner creative team help you to develop a slate of VR content, which will take your company's content to the next level.

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