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Innovative Digital Content Distribution

There are many companies offering digital content distribution. Most of their strategies focus on pay per click campaigns (PPC), banner ads, and real time bidding on traffic based on keywords. The landscape of digital marketing is changing rapidly. The model of providing an agency with a budget and allowing them to use that precious resource to optimize your digital campaign is an outdated technique.

Video Production
Brand Management

Real Time Analytics

Spotburner has partnered with several of the leading programmatic advertisers to strategically pair our premium branded content to your very specific targeted requirements. It is a proven fact that deploying an engaging premium video produces higher results within an effective marketing program. We target geographically, demographically, and most importantly behaviorally in order to bring you new customers and message your brand. Best of all, we provide you with a 24/7 real time dashboard which allows you to adjust attributes in real time rather than wait till the end of month for a report.

Wholesale Video Production

Let Spotburner be your “one stop shop” for your Production. Agencies appreciate that they can focus on the creative aspect of their projects, and Spotburner provides a transparent production solution at a significantly reduced cost. Crew, Studios, VFX, Cameras, and Experienced Producers are ready to work closely with your team and provide you the quality clients expect. We allow you to use our service as a profit generator with enough room for your margin.

Video Production
Brand Management

Strategic Network Partners

SPOTBURNER has contracted with all of the major networks below in order to provide you with access to the channels that best fit your requirements. We can also help you target geographic areas in order to pinpoint your message. We work directly with all the major carriers including Direct TV, Verizon Fios, ATT U-verse, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, COX Communications and Dish Network.

For more information, download a detailed list of our partners:

Visual Effects / Live Streaming

Spotburner has a full-service visual effects and editing facility which can develop and produce digital backgrounds, objects and interactive components to your project. Take a look at our video reel to see what we can do! We also have a high speed uplink and multi-camera digital system which facilitates live streaming of your project in real time.

Visual Effects / Streaming Video
Brand Management

Campaign / Brand Management

If you are looking for fresh ideas and a complete solution to your branding projects, we can help. We know how to increase Google indexes (links associated with your brand) and get more eyes focused on your brand through a strategic recipe of Storyboards, Digital Images, Blogs, Video Distribution and Links and a complete Social Media solution. We have worked on these techniques for five years and our experience gives us an edge. We gain web traffic and Google indexes and have the track record to prove it.

Fast, Efficient Global Distribution

Spotburner offers a full suite of distribution, marketing and technology services to help your brand and content get to where it needs to be, with delivery to more than 600 destinations in over 200 territories worldwide. Access best-in-class, tailored distribution services.

Fast, Efficient Global Distribution

An Honest Approach

Branded Content
Affordable Quality

Premium Branded Content does not have to be expensive. After producing over 800 various projects for Broadcast, Web and other media, we have witnessed the waste and inefficiencies of the traditional advertising model. We developed a Proprietary System for collaborative production that allows clients the ability to review projects and submit revisions from mobile devices anywhere in the world. As a result, Spotburner allows content producers to turn around professional content projects quicker and at a reduced cost. As the demand for video content continues to increase at a rapid rate, Spotburner provides a technical solution that improves quality and reduces cost.

Uploaded & Distributed
Full Service Marketing Agency

Combining our professionally produced Spots with distribution is our specialty. We have strategic relationships with all the major networks and cable providers and are able to put your Spots on the air quickly and at minimal cost. We routinely are able to get Spots Shot, Edited, Approved and on the air within one week. In the world of multi- layered agencies and complicated processes, Spotburner has simplified the process. We also are able to get branded content distributed to the web quickly and efficiently with a concise R.O.I. report. Messaging your brand has never been easier. Let us be your production and distribution partner. We will deliver the results You need.

Viewed & Anaylitics Provided
Increased Brand Awareness

Online video now accounts for over half of all content viewed on the web. Spotburner provides a professional production and distribution service that creates your brand message in roughly half the time and half the cost. Clients such as CDW, Coca Cola, Lamborghini and Dodge have used our services to produce compelling branded content. Taking cues from your creative department or deploying our teams of creators, our branded content is compelling and disctinctive. Clients have gone from a few hundred views to over 200,000 in one week due to our quality and messaging.

Uploaded & Distributed
Branded Content Produced

Our cutting-edge production facilities integrate the latest camera technology from RED, ARRI, Canon and Sony and pair it with the latest capture and editing systems. Motion-tracking, Live-keying and virtual sets are our specialty. We also have location teams that are The best at what they do without wasting your production budget. We have a large team of Producers, Directors, DP’s, Editors, Audio Engineers, Graphics artists and Animators. Combing the best people in the business with the latest technology is our model. Quality premium video content does not have to be expensive. Using these integrated technologies and people have given Spotburner the ability to disrupt the advertising world with global access to the best content creation at a fraction of the traditional cost.

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